Delta Upsilon
January 31, 2020

Chapter President’s Annual Review

I am very proud of the progress our chapter has made during my term. We have embraced a positive culture in hopes of bringing us back to our founding principles. Utilizing values-based recruitment has resulted in a higher-achieving membership with the ambition to make a difference not only in the chapter but in the community as a whole. The external relationships we’ve formed with advisors, alumni, and Miami University have put us on the path for sustained growth in the near future. Our long-term goals are to continue to develop internal and external relationships, expand service and philanthropy, and continue to raise our academic standards. I am thankful for all the opportunities Delta Upsilon has given to me and was honored to serve as President of the Miami Chapter.

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"There is no investment you can make that will pay you so well as the effort to scatter brotherhood and goodwill throughout Delta Upsilon."
Brother Ray K. Zarvell Bradley ’68.