Delta Upsilon
March 2, 2020

Spring 2020 Initiation

On March 1st, 2020, the Miami Chapter of Delta Upsilon welcomed 27 new members to our fraternity.  The ceremony was held at the fraternity house with several alumni and family members in attendance.

New Members

Finn Bannon New Rochelle, NY
Sam Bazil
Dylan Borow Montgomery, OH
Will Bruso Prairie Village, KS
Adam Cantwell Bethesda, MD
Evan Chick Cincinnati, OH
Patrick Coyne Westwood, MA
Cole Danehey Scituate
Evan Doughman
Sam Herron Vermilion, OH
Sam Hutchison Indianapolis, IN
Logan Iams
Ben Kleffner St. Louis MO
Max Kogen Northbrook, Illinois
Andrew Lopez Cincinnati, Ohio
Liam Matson Berwyn, PA
Reese Miller Vermilion, OH
Jake Palmer Saint Louis, MO
Nick Peregrin Lexington, KY
Shreyas Peruvemba Irvine, Ca
Ryan Ristofski Lakewood, OH
Campbell Robinson Kansas City, MO
Ben Schwarz Clayton, MO.
Hopper Strauchler Richmond, Virginia
Philippe Vargas-Charlot Long beach, NY
Ronny Ventura Chicago, IL
Will Yeater Jeromesville OH
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"There is no investment you can make that will pay you so well as the effort to scatter brotherhood and goodwill throughout Delta Upsilon."
Brother Ray K. Zarvell Bradley ’68.